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For Sale or Trade:
WTS: Audeze LCD-3 (or possibly trade for TOTL IEMs)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I just procured a large bulk of audiophile items from a local friend who sold everything to me in a bundle. The most prominent items amongst the stash is an Audeze LCD-3 which is in great shape. It's was purchased 1 year and 7 months ago, so it still comes with 1 year and 5 months of warranty. I would rate its physical condition at 9/10. Everything is great, except for one or two small and barely noticeable marks, hence -0.5. The only gripe with these are the ear pads which are pretty worn out, hence another -0.5.

The headphones come only with the travel box and two stock cables.

I'm still deliberating between keeping them or selling/trading them away.

The only thing I'm looking to trade for at the moment is a top tier universal IEM. Bit part trade with cash is also possible. Price wise, I'll set them at $1600 inclusive of worldwide shipping, but exclusive of paypal fees, though this figure will be negotiable.

Do PM me your offers and thanks for looking (:

Edit1: Yes, my friend was the original owner.
Edit2: Realized after some gentle cleaning that the condition of these headphones are better than I originally realized

I'll also include this in a bundle sale with my Yamamoto HA-02 for $2200. That's essentially getting a free $1000 amp with shipping cost factored in.

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