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Audio setup PC Home theater under USD$500

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I would like to have a good setup that gets the most bang for my buck that means there should be really small bottleneck in the setup im planning to get.

The music files I have are mostly 320kbps and 192 kbps. Some few specials ones have 226kbps which looks kinda weird.
I will never go for flac or any files that takes more space than 320kbps.

I listen to instrumental ones more often than listening to vocals one. Note that I still listen to vocal songs.
I don't create or edit any of my songs.
I rarely play games.
My usage is mostly watching entertainments and listening to my mp3s.

The speakers have to connect to my desktop pc.
I don't have any amp,dac,or subwoofers yet so i need a complete set.
I also have a ath-m50rd headphone and will be plugging it into DAC/amp if I have one.

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What's your budget (min/max$$) you want to spend?

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max $500
min $300

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I bought some Swan M50 W multimedia speakers last year for the exact same thing you need speakers for. They were great sounding, slightly veiled with the grill over the monitors, but brightened up and became more enjoyable with instruments when I removed the grills. You get two 5" monitors and a 6" sub for about $300 bucks, with a nice wood and piano black lacquer finish. After hooking up the speaker wire to the sub and plugging in the separate volume control/mute button, you just plug it into your 3.5mm audio jack and press play. Don't let there size fool you... They can shake up a house pretty well..


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sorry I'm still quite a newbie in audio...

Does it require amp? How do i connect it to my pc? via headphone jack or smth?

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Absolutely no separate amp is required. These are powered speakers (meaning they have an amp built in.). You will be provided with a few wires to connect the speakers to the sub, the volume control to the sub, and the regular plug to the outlet you're using, and finally a 3.5mm jack, which you will plug into your PC's headphone jack. It might sound like a lot, but it really isn't, and the instructions are simple and easy to follow.

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Or you can go with the Audioengine A5+ (or A2+ if you have limited desk space). A lot less wires to deal with and they come in at $250 for the A2+ and $400 for the A5+. They don't come with a sub, but honestly, you don't really need one with them.

You can get them here: http://audioengineusa.com/Store/Powered-Speaker-Systems

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I am using the Audioengine A5+ Bamboo version. They are awesome. Crispy sound and good bass. Super for musics and gaming.


I got the D1 DAC too. Good match!.

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Or the Vanatoo T1 which has a built in dac
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Or you could get a good home theater setup with 4.1 if you have room for a receiver.

* Newegg has the Pioneer Andrew Jones BS21 speakers for $49/pair, $1.99 shipping. Get two pairs while they are still on sale.
* Denon AVR-1513 for $109 + shipping, factory refurbished, factory warrantied. Hook your computer to it using either optical or HDMI.
* BIC F12 subwoofer.
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