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Yeah I know that, in fact I've given up using xb500 altogether to let my brain adjust (= for what it's worth I also got Philips 3590 IEM that sounds completely awful in comparison (=

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Originally Posted by Beagle View Post

OK let me rephrase then......compared to headphones with a distorted exaggerated "soundstage", HD600 sounds naturally spacious...IMHO


Do some of you just compare headphones to each other and guess what is "right"? Unless you are the recording engineer, that's what you are doing.

Nope. More like.. more objective... I think you have found your holy grail of headphone with H|D600... That is great. But now you make claims about it like it is the best thing ever. For instance I can't take it seriously anymore if you say 'naturally spacious'. That is making use of the word 'natural' to make it sound like you have a point. But idea of 'natural' soundstage is ofcourse silly because soundstage is entirely artificial. And to call a big soundstage 'distorted'? Seriously dunno what to say about this lol, that is just wrong on many levels. Also, with your post, you imply to offend pretty much anyone who disagrees with you and prefers bigger soundstage.

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For those of you focused on soundstage, it might be helpful to read through the discussions within this HF thread:



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