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The first thing i noticed in the review was the non terrible cable and the replaceable earpads >_> 
Those are my two LEAST favorite things about my x1's. I feel like my headphones are a timebomb waiting for my pads to die.

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Those pads will last long and fine imho and You CAN replace them if You do removal carefully. They are locked same way as on X2 but additional glue is used. I don`t really understand that pad-hysteria. More like pseudo-issue:tongue:

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Really? I read they were pretty much a single unit. Never really got around to checking it out for myself! Thanks that makes me feel a lot better about my first mid-fi headset xD

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judging purely from the review, the only thing that changed here is the low impedance fix on the cord and removable pads, an alternate pad for bass impact. everything else is the same.


btw the X1 pads and cord are also replacesable, so theres really not much difference if thats all there is to it unlike the L1 and L2 which are completely different., but I could be wrong.


edit: oh and the metal finish on the X2 is black compared to the brushed aluminum? finish of the X1.

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Lol, how did you come to that conclusion?

There's just a review not an comparison. One might as well conclude that it's an massive upgrade from the X1 and it would be equally uncertain.
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ok here's a question also, would they release another flagship unit in the same price range after all the success the X1 had in a span of 2 years and still ongoing. logical for marketing? = no, if I had a very succesfull unit, I'd sell more and saturate the market with it and earn more ranther than phase it out in less the 3 years and spend more for another batch production of an entirely new driver for same looking new sets. (these are headphones btw not pc hardware which goes out every 3-4 months). not to mention research and development cost for an entirely new driver.


new drivers? probably no, its the same X1 chassis for that fact nothing was even tweaked or adjusted except for color maybe, seen sony's mdr 1r? may sound a bit different from upgrades or tuning though.


then again, its just me. like I posted above ( I could be entirey wrong). I didn't post my opinion and stated it as a fact.

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L1 vs L2.......

All I'm saying is until we get a comparison between X1 and X2 we're all just guessing and I find that pretty meaningless. Even more meaningless would be to argue about it wink.gif
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Why is removable pads so important. I have a pair of Philips HP-890 that i bought 2002 and those pads is in vary good condition yet? Are you really changing your pads that often? Why?

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x2 now on Headfonia's Facebook
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Hopefully they test it against the X1.
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Originally Posted by Jimmy80 View Post

Why is removable pads so important. I have a pair of Philips HP-890 that i bought 2002 and those pads is in vary good condition yet? Are you really changing your pads that often? Why?

For hygiene purposes, removable pads allow us to wash them and depending on use, some can worn out very easily but I am not too sure about Philips's pads thought.

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It's just the idea. When you have expensive headphones that have even great construction the earpads are the place where you will expect problems. If you can't take them out you feel like if something ever happen to the earpads it's end of the entire headphone.


I dunno about that Philips HP890 and how much you use them, but I know Sennheiser headphones and Beyer headphones and though their pads are very comfortable they get worn over time very noticeably, the difference between the old pads and brand new ones on the DT770 is huge and same for DT880 and HD650/HD600, not even talking about sound but about comfort.

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Originally Posted by georgelai57 View Post

Hopefully they test it against the X1.

 The L2 is the one to beat in terms of SQ. I hope they reassess the playing field and rank the headphones(drivers) under $1000 as previously.

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Yes, I have L2 and it's amazing. I sold my HD650s because L2 sounded better. I'm going to buy X2 as I think it'll be even better than L2 which is already awesome.

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