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The X1 should be a bit more immersive, the X2 are a bit better balanced. The difference is not night and day it seems, but there's some :)

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Originally Posted by CoiL View Post

Imo in this case it`s not about subjective sound/music but more about right rig setup (hint: tubes) for X1 :wink_face: 

=D. I'm not quite there yet.


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I would say 60% of my listening is metal, mostly doom/stoner. 


Currently I have an AD2000X and I have no issues with poorly recorded music, i dont remember any issues with the AD900X.

Alright, thanks  for your input, much appreciated!


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It's hard for me to say since I'm still adjusting to the X2s and I don't listen to metal, but these probably wouldn't be my top pick for really heavy music. The slight edginess of the treble might be a turn off.I have no idea which headphones are well suited to metal (Hifimans maybe?).

Ok, darnit. Cheers!

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What do you mean by "immersive"?

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Originally Posted by engywook View Post

Hello, I'm new around here. I'm looking to buy new headphones and leave my current M50 at work. The X2 seems like a good choice but I listen mostly to Metal and I haven't seen anyone here talk Metal and X2. Any opinions on the X2 for metal(death/symph/heavy/anything)?

I'm a little hazy on what metal belongs to what metal subgenre but I enjoyed the following bands on my X2 if that helps:
Five Finger Death Punch
Black Veil Brides
Avenged Sevenfold
Bullet for My Valentine
Alter Bridge
Hell or Highwater
Drowning Pool
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Originally Posted by fabripav View Post

I now have enough money to get these. Still unsure about the dac/amp though frown.gif E10K? E17? I want to stay below 150$.

Sounds absolutely fantastic with the E17.

The X2 can only take in 500mw, so you dont need super powered amps for it, unlike planar magnetics that can take watts.
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Still waiting on a decent deal on the X2 over here...
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