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For Sale:
ALO Audio - The National - Portable Solid State Amplification

Will Ship To: CONUS

For sale is an ALO Audio The National that I bought late 2012.

It has been my Mr. Reliable portable unit and works well with most all of my headphones.


It has plenty of headroom for Sennheiser HD650/ 600 and sounded very good with HD700.

It plays very well with lower impedance cans. The Denon D5k and JVC DX700 sound amazing with the National. I also used it alot with my Ultrasone Pro900's etc.... and it provides a nice power boost to current hungry planars like LCD2 and HE400's.


I auditioned the National, the Continental and the RX MkII when I was looking and settled on the National because it gave me 98% of what the Continental did as far as tone and sweetness for 50% of the spend. While offering better bass response and more authority driving planar headphones. 


It will come with original box, charger and user manual (card), and I will throw in a Fiio Line out dock for 30 pin apple devices. 


Price is $180 with paypal fees and shipping included to CONUS buyers.

Thanks for looking.

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