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For Sale:
Wyred for Sound ULink - Perfect Condition

Will Ship To: CONUS

For sale is my Wyred for Sound uLink that I purchased from Gary at Affordable Audio back in early 2013.

It will come in original box with included W4S ASIO drivers disk for Windows.


uLink is bus powered from USB and includes Toslink, BNC and Coaxial outputs. Outboard power is available from W4S but I never saw a need myself. 

It is worth mentioning that you can utilize all 3 outputs simultaneously to either send signal to multiple DACS or run all 3 connection types to your DAC to asses on the fly which protocol you prefer.


I honestly did hear some improvement over USB to my DACs using Toslink and Coax.... Tonal colors/ timbre seemed richer and fuller through the uLink. It also allows you bulletproof access to all file resolution up to 24/192 no matter how your DAC is spec'd out. The improvements using the uLink seemed greater the higher the resolution the file. 



Price is $200 all in shipped to CONUS buyers.

PM me if interested. Thank you for looking.

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