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Hi..  I know a lot of people are very frustrated with the cabling on their Pana HJE900 earphones.  My cable had been broken for quiet some time too, without a replacement.  In the past, had used the Sleek Audio cables, but those did not last long either. 


But recently checked out Sleek Audio website and noticed that they had a upgraded version of the 90° Replacement cable.

Ordered them and using them now. 


I cannot do a A B comparison because my HJE900 original cable is not working, but i do not notice any difference in sound.


From what i remember the new upgraded cable does seem heftier, with better connectors/y splits.  But one thing I noticed is that the pin connector that goes into the earphone is not as tight as the original.  It wont come loose and disconnect or anything, but there is some looseness. 


here are some pics I took with my cell phone.


Hope this helps.