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Headphone sizes

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I'm new to the forum and really love all the info here, but sometimes it's a bit hard to find the information I'm looking for. There's probably a lot of info here about this already, but I'll try to bring it to a single post to make it easier. Also, I need help to find everything.


Basically, the issue seems to be that I have big ears.


I'm a big fan of sound and music in general, but only recently started to really dive in the headphone world. By reading some posts here, I have decided to buy a ATH-M30 as a start, because they are quite cheap, and people seems to like them here.


I really liked the sound of it, but as I said, my ears are big, and they don't fully enclose them. Because of that, after about 30min of continuous use, the parts of my ear that are squeezed by the phone start hurting a lot, and them I can't continue using them.


After some time struggling, I had the opportunity to briefly try some phones on a store (I'm from Brazil, and it's really hard to find good phones around here, and being able to try them is very rare). I was able to test a Sennheiser HD 429, and liked it a lot. It fit very well on my head and with my big ears, and was very comfortable.


Because of that, I set out to buy my second phone, and had the opportunity to buy a Sennheiser HD 449, which, by what I had checked around here and by seeing pictures, had roughly the same form and size of the one I had tried.


When I got it, it really was as comfortable as the one I had tried, and I love it. I can use it for a long time without feeling any strain.


So now I'd like to prepare for my next jump, to even better phones, but I need to know if it will fit comfortably over my ears.


And that's why I'm here. I need some comparisons on earcup sizes, so I can know which ones I can safely buy and be sure they won't hurt my ears!


TL;DR: I need to compare full-size headphones earcup sizes! Any info will help!


Basically what I already know is just this:




Class 1 - Too small for me

AKG k271



Class 2 - Good size for me

Sennheiser HD 429, 449


Thanks a lot!

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If a reviewer or two says that the headphones have fairly small pads, chances are, they will for you. I've heard this complaint with every V-Moda circumaural and with the Sennheiser Momentums. Pretty annoying how a lot of headphones are marketed as circumaural and yet you need to tuck your ears in to get them to fit properly - usually in the interest of portability.

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Roughly judging from your list, I'd think the HD558 or HD598 or any other Sennheiser HD series headphone would fit your ear. HiFiMAN circumural headphones might also for the bill.
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