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Sennheiser Momentum vs Amperior (other suggestions welcome as well)

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Hi everyone, I have been using Head-Fi for headphone buying advice for quite some time now and have found lots of great advice in the forums. However, I haven't been able to find any advice for my exact situation so I decided to finally create an account and post :)


Anyways, here's my issue: Despite how cliche it sounds, I really do listen to everything. In terms of preference I'd say Rap = EDM = Classic rock = Modern Rock > pop > classical. I set myself a budget of 300 dollars and after searching though the forums decided that the V-Moda M100s would be the right choice for me, but once I got them I was disappointed by their performance in genres other than EDM and Rap. In addition, they were quite uncomfortable to me; my ears hurt from touching the metal inside the cups and the headphones never felt very secure on my head. I ended up returning them and got the Sennheiser Momentums instead. The Momentums were much more comfortable for me (my ears are small enough to fit inside the pads) and I found their sound to be more pleasing for other genres than the M100s, but not as good for EDM and Rap due to less "visceral impact" of the bass (they still sounded good, just not as good as they did through the M100s). 


After reading a few more reviews I am under the impression that the Amperiors are better than the Momentums for EDM and Rap. How exactly are they better? Do they have a similar sound to the M100s, or are they more similar to the Momentums? How are they at the other genres I mentioned?


Another factor to take into account is that I recently lost my IEMs (Klipsch S4i) so I am in the market for new ones as well. Any recommendations for IEMs  > $100 that go well with my preferred genres would be welcome. 


Overall,since I have found the Amperiors for $200 on Amazon, would it be wise to return the Momentums and get the Amperiors + a sub- $100 IEM? (ie.- are the Amperior and Momentum of a similar quality or is the Momentum significantly better?)


Sorry for all the questions, I'm new to this headphone stuff! Thank you all for taking the time to read through all of this. 


Edit: In case anyone was wondering I don't use an amp, I listen through either my iPhone 5 or my laptop.

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Having owned both, I'd say that the Amperior is better for rap/edm/pop: the bass is faster & punchier, and the highs are more detailed. Overall, the sound is more forward & aggressive and 'exciting' than the Momentum.


I'd still favour the Momentum for classic rock and classical though - it has better mids and a much wider soundstage.


I'd say they were similar in terms of sound 'quality'.


Comfort is no contest though - Momentum wins hands-down. The Amperior clamp very tightly and are quite a bit heavier than the Momentum. If the Momentum fit your ears, then I'd say you'll struggle to find a more comfortable portable headphone.


I've never heard the M100s, I'm afraid, so can't offer any comparisons there!

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The m100s are just complete basshead cans...

you should check out

yamaha pro 500

audiotechnica athm50

donscorpio dolphin from penon audio



shure se215

xiaomi piston 2

rha ma750

yamaha eph100

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Thanks for the suggestions!


Any opinions on whether I should keep the Momemtums or return them and get the Amperiors + IEMs?

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To me, Momentum are good looking headphones, really comfy ones too, but beaten by Amperior or even good old regular Hd-25.

You should give a try to the Beyer Dynamic DT 1350, too.

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