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AD900x vs. Q 701

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Used mainly for gaming and music of all sorts. I understand that AD900x might be a bit more colorful and of course is a bit cheaper by like $50 or so. If I have to get an amp or sound card I will. I currently use the one that came with my mobo a few years ago (ASUS Maximus III). Has anyone here used both of them or either that can give some ideas of what might be best?

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With the Q701, i would "assume" you would need at least the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card, $85, for having a headphone amplifier for being able to drive the 62-Ohm Q701.

Might read up and ask on this thread about what is preferred for driving the Q701s.


Where as the 40-Ohm ATH-AD900X can be driving by any motherboard on-board audio (but a low impedance headphone amplifier is preferred).

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