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For Sale: FS:GRADO SR-225i

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Continental USA

FS:Grado SR-225i in mint condition. Less than 50 hours of use. Buttons have been removed for a more open sound, will be sent with phones. Don't have the original box but will be well packed-check my feedback for comments on my packing. PayPal fee and 2-Day USPS included in the asking price. PM me with any questions.

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I'm on the fence between these, he-400s or dt 880s, I own a pair of 60i's just not sure.
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I also have a pair of HE-400's for sale.

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How are the HE-400's compared to the SR-225i's for rock/metal? I am looking for a pair of cans that specialize there, as while I absolutely love my X1's, they fall short of my Grados for electric guitar.

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The HE-400 will give you a bigger sound with more impact. I think the bass will also be a little stronger with the HE-400. You will need a good amp to crank rock or heavy metal with the HE-400. The Grado will need less power to go loud. Reading reviews of both phones on Head-Fi should also help.

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