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Wireless DAC with small transmitter or lossless bluetooth for laptop?

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Any suggestions? Trying to connect my laptop to a sound system mainly for movies but also to play music

1) wirelessly

2) losslessly

3) using a small transmitter

4) Good dac on the receiving end

5) (ideally) adjustible audio delay, though this can probably be done in the video player


Things i found so far: rBlink, but i don't know if my laptop supports aptx and if aptx is lossless (laptop supports BT4.0)

Mass Fidelity Relay


Focal Kleer based transmitter/receiver



Arcam rDAC-kw using Kleer (discontinued?)


SKAA technology based NuForce Air DAC


NuForce BTR-100

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Ok it looks like Apt-x codec has high thd, judging from this graph 0.5%@10khz




That's not horrible but I will probably be able to hear it.

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I assume you want wireless to keep the laptop next to you, but unless you have a WiDi-compatible laptop and HDTV/monitor, you'll still end up running a long cable.


I think it would be a lot easier to just leave the laptop near the other A/V gear, and use a remote app on your smartphone or tablet. Basic versions like Media Monkey remote allow you to see the display on MediaMonkey (I think Foobar also has a remote app), while Unified Remote's paid version lets you see more of the desktop aside from just the media player.

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For wireless video I got IOGear 1080p UWB (ultra-wide band) wireless USB video thingy called GUWAVKIT4B. I tried Miracast/WiDi and it clearly blurred the image (as in i looked at some thin red/green/blue lines drawn in paint in lossless PNG format and they were clearly blurry). Plus WiDi lags a lot (not enough bandwidth to keep with the movie FPS@1080p i think). Anyways, took me a while to get the video drivers working with this thing.. Incidentally i couldn't get the USB sound driver to work on GUWAVKIT4B but i doubt it would be lossless/high grade audio DAC anyway.


Update: I had a closer look at the picture from GUWAVKIT4B and while it was a bit better than WiDi/Miracast it was still laggy and blocky.. Plus the dongle was getting pretty hot. So the thing is going back to where it came from :( Too bad, I had high hopes for it. Gonna stick with an HDMI cable for video i guess.

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Wrt using a remote app, that's an interesting possible solution, I haven't thought of that. But I do like my Zoom player shortcuts and things are just so much easier to navigate on a laptop.. hmm..

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Here is a list of BT receivers equipped with aptX




My ASUS Vivobook 200 comes with regular BT but it is much improved with one of these USB transmitters. It's not so much the actual SQ you also need to consider how easy they are to pair together, how long it takes and how reliable the signal is and over how long a range.




I pair mine with this receiver permanently connected to an audio interface.




The NFC option really works. It's cool being able to simply tap a phone on the top and instantly connect. It's not aptX equipped though so you might want to consider something like this. 




If ~£100 is to much money for a transmitter and receiver consider those little widgits you can buy off ebay for ~$20.


This one is a bit more expensive than most and says it has aptX.




I'm not sure whats going on with it though. It has exactly the same form factor as all the others (I have a total of 4) which I always suspected as being built by an obscure Chinese OEM and then different sellers simply stencil on their own logo. Are all of them aptX? Is this a special model? Is the supplier pulling a fast one? Any clues?

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I ended up picking up Arcam rDAC-kw on ebay with wireless dongle. Sounds great and wireless sounds lossless to me as advertised. No trouble connecting.


Dual wm8741 dacs, dCS anti-jitter tech. Original price was $700 i think, now discontinued.

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