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How Revealing is AKG K701?

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I only listen to 320kbps MP3, and I am wondering how that is going to affect my listening experience with AKG K701. I am planning to buy K701 in the near future, but I heard that these are very revealing headphones. I do want to point out, on top of listening to lossy files, I listen to a lot of modern music that are poorly mastered. Also, I am currently using Schiit Magni+Modi combo as my Amp/DAC. Long story short, is it a good idea for me to buy AKG K701 if I listen to a lot of 320kbps mp3/compressed/lossy/poorly mastered recordings? Thanks.

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320kbps mp3 is more than enough to enjoy high quality music on even flagship headphones.  Poorly recorded/mastered recordings are a whole 'nother thing however.

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K701 is perfectly fine with even lower bitrate files, but 320kbps is always best.

It depends a lot more on the actual recording quality. I have a lot of 192kbps files that actually sound better than the 320kbps ones just due to the recording quality.


The K701 is also not super duper revealing. Probably a 7/10 in terms of how revealing it is. It's not really forgiving though. There is actually a LOT of things you can't hear on the K701 that are there on other headphones. Even something like recording hiss is nearly inaudible on it.


The Modi (and even ODAC) also is not that revealing as well (and this will help), but it's a very good DAC.


Your setup with the K701 won't be like putting your music under a microscope. Garbage recordings and low bitrate files might sound bad, but still very listenable.

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Thanks for the replies. I probably shouldn't have worried over this, because I tried the ABX test and failed to differentiate between 128kbps mp3 and FLAC haha. The reason why I ask this, is because even when I listen to my FLAC files there is a lot of sibilance. I am assuming this is not due to my headphones, but because of the way the music was recorded. And I do want to point out, I am very sensitive to even the slightest grain or sibilance in female vocals.

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It seems people either love or hate 701s. I love them. I have a decent collection of cans and always come back to these, particularly for female vocals. No basshead will ever fall in love with these, but those who like clarity without too much harshness will value them. I think they do a damn good job with 320, and a great job on high bitrates when properly amped.
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