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I have been reading this forum for a couple of weeks until I found a very interesting thread:

I've never had any good quality headphone, but I've had a few good sounding stereos. Recently I bought a pair of cheap headphones from radioshack. I live in Nicaragua so I don't have many options. They had a bunch of Auvio's, Sony's, and a couple of Skullcandy's. I grab the skullcandy hesh 2.

My first impression was not bad for $22.50, I liked the bass, the mids were horrible, not too bad highs. The thing that bothered me was a kind of hollow sound that was annoying. After a few hours of listening I thought I gotta get something else. Reading about the jvc harx700 I found out two easy modifications which I did to the skullcandy's. I was impressed with the improvement. There was more isolation and the bass felt smoothier, mids and highs cleared up, and the hollow sound was gone.

Although they have a poor design (sound comes out of line orifices in the shape of the skullcandy logo), after 10min of work and some cotton and foam the result is a decent sound. It was very easy modification so I decided to write this for those people with cheap headphones.