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For Sale: M-Audio HDH50 - For sale or TRADE

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For Sale:
M-Audio HDH50 - For sale or TRADE

Will Ship To: CONUS

Got this headphone as the Q40 was so popular and one of my favorites, regardless of cost. M-Audio took the refinement to the next level with this new headphone, with a much more balanced sound and incredible comfort. Pads are deep and soft and made of a very soft leather which the headband uses as well.

Two cables, one short for portable use and one longer, and they go in either ear cup. They push in and twist click which is a great feature.

$120 gets this delivered to you with Paypal gift option used or trade for your Audio Technica Pro700MK2.

This is a more refined Q40 with better features, comfort and looks................I don't need this as I have 11 headphones and some have to go. This is now selling for $193 direct from M-Audio and I am throwing in shipping. Someone buy this!!!

Since no one wants to buy, how about a trade? I'd love to try an AT Pro700MK2...........with M50 pads. Any other interesting trades let me know what you have!
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For Sale: $300 (USD)
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This is a pretty sweet deal! I'm pretty surprised nobody snagged these yet. I've heard good things of them so far! Too bad I just bought the SZ2000, otherwise my budget would've loved these!
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Are you interestin in trading with TDK BA200 V2
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Originally Posted by Aladin123 View Post

Are you interestin in trading with TDK BA200 V2

No thank you!
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