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price: to be announced

specs: to be announced


In the attempt to find a place to purchase the Nuforce DDA - 100 I found them all pulled from their authorized dealer. The company mentioned that the Nuforce DDA - 100 will be replaced by the DDA - 120 and therefore will no longer be selling the DDA - 100.

Nuforce DDA - 100 is a power dac with its dac right at the end of the speaker line outs. I hope the DDA - 120 to be of the same concept who knows. 



I am not a rep or any insider but I am a fan of the two items I have purchased from Nuforce: Icon DAC, and HA - 200 which both really impressed me for their price point.

This influenced my directly going to them in search of a speaker amp to power the He-6. 


I will update this as soon as I find out more info. I am eager to see what is new about it. 

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