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Hello everyone,


I am quite a long time lurker of this head-fi forum and I finally decided to sign up and ask for some recommendations for my new iem.


I've used the cks90ltd for almost a yr now and decided to upgrade it. 


Theres quite a lot of music type of songs I listen to, but I mostly listen to pop, rock, bass and drums, dance, kpop, cantonese pop, and im quite a bit of a basshead, hence the cks90ltd, but also love instrument separations and vocals as well. Currently im using fiio x5 as my source and mostly listen to flac, and a few i coudn't find lossless would be 320k.


I have come to conclusion that I will purchase the following iem since they are all good in the bass department and overall good quality but i need a little bit of help to choose:


Sennheiser IE80


T-peos H300


I have also considered Dunu dn2000 however I would really want to have replaceable cable. Personally im leaning towards the FX850, and from the place i can buy all of the above iems' are within 30usd price range so price wont be a factor when choosing these. 


Thanks for your help in advance and im looking forward to your thoughts and answers. Cheers:D!