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Hi everyone,


First of all, sorry for the bad grammar, English isn't my first language. I could really use some advice. I am in the process of choosing a new mp3 player. My last two were both ipod nano 6th generations which both broke after a year. Because of this I'm really doubting the quality of ipods. In my country the options when it comes to mp3 players are limited, so I have to decide between the ipod nano 7th generation, the cowon iaudio10 and the Sony NWZ-E585. I have a preference for the cowon iAudio because it has a larger storage capacity (32gb). However, this brand is very unknown to me. It is sold by only one store in my country. Even after extensive internet searching I'm not sure what the quality is of the cowon players. It is very important to me to buy a player that will last me a few years. Can anyone tell me what the quality of these players is? How is the lifespan of cowon compared to ipod? And compared to sony?


Thanks a lot in advance.