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Headphone advice needed

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Hello Head-Fi members!


I've been a long time lurker of this forum and appreciate some of the excellent posts and reviews.


Here's my situation and maybe some members might help point me in the right direction...


Currently I listen to .flac files via JRiver (WASAPI/ASIO), ASUS Essence STX, Audioengine N22, Audioengine P4 passive speakers over gigabit Ethernet (Synology server).


I would like to add headphones into this system. I have looked at reviews for both the Sennheiser HD-650 and HiFiMan HE-500. I am leaning towards the orthodynamic HE-500's.


Would the headphone amp in the Audioengine N22 (Burr-Brown/TI OPA2134) be enough to drive either of these phones? Should I consider adding a preamp (Schiit Audio, etc)?


There are times when I prefer speakers and there are times when headphones are the bees-knees.


Any and all help is appreciated.

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What ever headphones you get, try them plugged into the N22 and Essence STX, then see if you really need to buy an external headphone amplifier.


You might also consider selling off the Essence STX and replacing it with a Audio-GD NFB-11 or NFB-15 (external DAC/Head amp)

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