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I'm changing around my office and I feel its probably time to replace two Tripp Lite ISOBAR 6ULTRA's (10-12 years old) that I use behind a desk where I stack most of my audio gear. Both ISOBAR's are plugged into the same wall receptacle (top and bottom) but having two allows me to space them apart and keep them on the floor right beneath the gear that will be plugged into them. 


I normally have my DAC, PC and headphone amp plugged into one and the other protects my stereo amp, PC monitor and subwoofer.   


The three units I'm most interested in are the Furman PST 8 or 8D and the Tripp Lite HT10DBS. I like the longer warranty of the Tripp Lite and both are supposed to be good at handling surges and spikes yet I've read that the Furman "may" be better with regards to sound quality of the gear plugged into it due to it power conditioning/filtering. I have no idea is this is true of not. The Tripp Lite is cheaper and has the longer warranty (also has EMI/RFI line noise filtering) BUT if the Furman really does/can improve sound quality then I don't mind playing a bit more.


I should add that the power goes out in this area more than any place I've ever least once or twice a month the power will go completely out and then back on in about a second or two. Its ridiculous. 


Anyone use either the Furman PST 8/8D or Tripp Lite HTDBS and if so are you pleased with it? 


Thanks in advance for any input you can provide. 

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