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non-isolating headphones for studio use

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Can anyone recommend a good pair of semi-open headphones for studio use
Or closed one that don't isolate from ambient contact with others in studio.
For vocal recording use.
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What is your source? Do you have a headphone amplifier?

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At the studio that would be mostly behringher ha4700 units or avid HD omni headphone output.
At home I would like to buy an affordable headphone amp if its high ohm. But I won't be using it at home much, just to check a mix sometimes.
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You should consider:


Takstar HI-2050 (u$s 64)

Clearly on the bright side of neutral but still precise and definitely a top pick for the money


AudioTechnica AD900x (u$s 180)


Sennheiser HD598 (u$s 190)

Smooth and forward, not as bright or detailed as DT880 or K702, but more forgiving of poorly recorded material. Wide soundstage.


Beyerdynamic DT880 250 Ohm (u$s 220)

Slightly bright, with tight bass, good soundstage, and fast decays.


AKG K702 (u$s 220 - 240)

Wide soundstage, just a tad less bright than DT880s with more forward upper mids.


Sennheiser HD600 (u$s 370)

Smoother, not as detailed, not bright, regular soundstage but great tonal balance.


Bolded headphones need extra amplification to sound good. I'm not sure about the output power of behringher ha4700 units or avid HD.


Takstars are great headphones for the price, but probably not on pair with the others in this list.

AD900x, HD598, DT880, K702, HD600 are all very good headphones and most of the times the right choice is down to preference.


Best Luck!

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All right! Thank you very much for your this great reply.

I'm particularly interested in DT880 or K702.


Behringer says this about HA4700:

Highest sonic quality with virtually all types of headphones >8 Ohms even at maximum volume

What should the output impedance be for 250 ohm headphones?


I think avid HD omni is designed for 250 ohm heaphones.


For home use, are there any 100 dollar amps worth considering?

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+1 for the DT880s. Can't go wrong. 


They play really well with the JDS Labs O2 amp, which can be had for $130 new. 

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Got the 880. Loving it already.
Comfort is really nice, no problem keeping it on for 4+ hours.
Cable can be a bit sluggish and gets in my way sometimes, I would have preferred a non-coiled cable.
Might mod that later.

Love the soundspace on them, love the transient response. Allround greatness!
I find it great for vocal monitoring and I'm not having trouble with bright high end as many others report.
It's bright. Sure. Little EQ maybe. But I certainly prefer this to having not enough high end.

Having a little trouble powering them at home, I'll soon order that objective2!

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Great pick! Enjoy =D
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Forgot the most important of my findings!
Isolation is simply spot-on, perfect!!! It brings just enough isolation but you don't miss a word of conversation when playback has stopped. And that open, free sound. Just amazing.
I hardly see the point in using closed headphones anymore wink.gif
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