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Hi All


I've finally picked myself up a pair of Denon AH-D2000 and am mightily impressed with 1 exception - the enormous cable.


Ive read many threads on here about recabling and I intend to do this - I'm even tempted to have a go myself and build up my own cable as I quite like the idea of customising them myself.


The one thing I haven't seen so far is anyone that has done a removable cable mod instead of hard wiring the new cables.  


I was thinking of cutting the wire as the enter the cans and sticking 2.5mm mono jack sockets in each side so you can simply swap between the original and modded cables - obviously soldering the required jack at the headphone end of the cable.


As i cant find anyone thats done this I'm wondering if theres a reason - Would this have much of an impact on sound quality compared to a direct solder job?


Also am I really going to notice much of a difference between some decent OCC copper cable from somewhere like Forza Audio (I'm thinking of the FAW OCC 7N Cryo Copper Wire) and something like Starquad Mic cable thats been stripped down?  Theres quite a lot of difference in price, but I dont mind chucking an extra 30 quid at this to get the decent stuff its going to be better.