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Hello, Head-fiers!


I'm trying to choose nice small headphones for music while working at office and going outdoors when I don't want to use my in-ear-phones.

- Neutral sounding - at least without extra-bass or crazy highs. I used to listen to head-/earphones with tendency to middles and highs like AKG K601 (still at home), HifiMan Re-Zero, Yuin PK3, Sony XBA-1 (now on portative). It's not that I don't love bass but I like overall tonal balance and detalisation.
- Size - I'd like them to be on-ear, not over-ear. Big cans start pressing on my glasses and it hurts my head. Or maybe this was just a feature of AKG K511, K601 are good but large-sized headphones are too bulky for outdoors.
- No sound-leaking. The biggest concern is not to disturb my colleagues. Once I bought AKG K511 thinking they would suit me but it appeared that everybody outside heard what I was listening to) And they were not comfortable too, as I mentioned earlier.

- What music I'll listen to: experimental metal (avant-garde, post-black), dark metal, modern choral and academical music, dark folk, atmospheric rock.

- Source: Nokia 920 as a portable player and SoundBlaster Live at my work. Maybe I'll buy Fiio X5 later but not sure about it.
- Budget: only 100$, I'm afraid. Shipping from China is OK. But maybe there are some gems worth increasing the budget?


Usually I was interested in IEMs or big monitors so don't know much about small-/middle-sized headphones... I know there are AKG K450 and Beyerdynamic DTX300p but I've read they are quite unreliable.

Would be very appreciated for your help)