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Ow. men i need some help.. Is it me or ..? (basshead)

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I've tried out the Beats pro's, crossfade - M100's , sony xb800's and Yamaha pro 500's

Beats pro : i was disappointed with the overloaded bass of the Beats-line, so i decided to try this more (balanced) clean out of the house.
I don't get that nice vibrating rumble bass that i want..

Sony xb800 : the bass is far to ugly and creamy.. vibrates the headphone but you dont get an t'humping bass feel..

M100 (v-moda) : also as the pro's dont get an nice kickin bass..

Pro 500 : Best out of the list.. nice powerfull party' club bass, strong and in your face..

But i want a better overall headphone, that dont leak in another categories than 'bass' .. Want thumping bass, and clean & crisp sound.

Any cans?

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you found the pro500s treble lacking?

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Nope , but the mids and higher-lows where a little to soft and nothing face-smileling
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Sounds like you and me wants the same. :) Message me if you find it! j/k! :P

I'm really happy with M-Audio Q40, I keep looking for upgrades in any price categories, the closest I've found matching what I want is maybe Ultrasone Signature DJ (although I'm worried the mids isn't forward/in-my-face) and I'm talking the lower-mids in particular but the bass is probably SPOT-ON. Another one would be Perfect Sound Dido D901 altough there seems to be a bit of creeking from the headband (not good for my headbanging needs when listening to hardstyle) and the clamping is lose which isn't to my taste. Then we have Final Audio Design Pandora VI Hope which I also think would come close except for the thumping bass part may not necessarily be quite there (audiophiles love it so). 

Again message me if you find the holy grail so I can also buy it! ;)

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What's your budget?

List of cans that thump and apx price - and I own or have owned all of these or auditioned them for a significant amount of time.

Ultrasone Pro900 $300
Denon D600 $200
Q40 $130
Fostex TH600 $600
Fostex TH900 $1200
Ultrasone Sig DJ $900

The reigning king is believed to be the JVC SZ-2000 $200. Have not owned or tried them.

That said, you said you also wanted quality sound. The upper list all meet that.

Search for Extreme bass and Audiophile bass lounge. Both threads will give you what you want.

Enjoy the journey.
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hmm id  have said the pro500 is what your after but youve said its not.  btw what are you driving things with?

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I compared the Beats Studio 2013, Beats Pro, and Yamaha PRO 500 here:




Yamaha Pro was not as bassy as the Beats but won the comparison of the three due to its strength in high-frequency stuff like transparency and preserving high-frequency harmonics of bass and impulse.


So I compared the Yamaha Pro 500 to my HiFiMAN HE-500, which is GREAT in both bass and treble.  HiFiMAN HE-500 with an amp actually had more impactful bass than the Yamaha PRO 500, at least to my ears.


So to answer your question... I'd recommend a look at the HiFiMAN HE-500, properly amplified.  Clean, crisp, and bass stronger than PRO 500.

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Thanx guys!

I drive it with my Laptop and Phone.. equalizer
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have said that pro 900's have excellent bass.. but for the price its lacking in detailedness..
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Excellent review.
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