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Ideal portable amp for B&W p7

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Hey guys, new member here but I've been reading this forum for years as I keep up with the market. I've just given up some older headphones for the p7, and was wondering what portable amp you guys think would be best. You seem to know what you're talking about around here for the most part so I'm hoping you guys can toss me some advice. 

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I'm also a new member. Welcome aboard! 


I just received the Fiio X5 yesterday, and I can say it is the best audio device I have owned. The lack of any sort of "hiss" or other background noise from the amp is astounding. And the soundstage is unbelievable, even with my Sony MDR-V6. So that would no doubt be an outstanding player/amp/dac for your P7s.


If you just need an amp, checkout the Fiio E12. It looks like another great amp.

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By the way, how are you liking the P7? I'm very much wanting to purchase them myself.



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Sorry about the wait. 


I really like them. All around well-balanced and good headphones. When choosing which to buy, the two other options I considered most in rivalry to the P7s were the Sennheiser Momentums and the B&O H6. Quite honestly, I originally would have chosen the Momentums but the cans were a little too small for me to where them comfortably for any real period of time. The B&Os I found to be lacking in bass, although they were incredibly crisp in the mids. The P7 also have a very crisp mid, but do not seem to be lacking in bass. I must note that I am not using these headphones for particularly bass heavy music, about the most bass-intensive I get would be Paul Simon's Call Me Al. Initially the bass was a little muddy but that faded after about 2 days of burn in, leading to a very well-rounded and present but not overbearing bass. The headphones fit my needs perfectly, as the mids are crisp and the upper range never comes out harsh or strident, yet they maintain a confident bass. They fit nicely and the construction is impressively sturdy-feeling. I would really recommend these headphones to anyone looking for a set in the $400 region. As much as I did like the B&O set, it was overbearing in the uppers (which, granted, may have been solved with burn in) and lacking in the lower region, making its top-of-the-backet crispness in the mids something that was not worth dealing with the drawbacks. The Sennheiser's were great but didn't fit well. I am very fond if the P7, nothing bad to report yet. 


I spent about 6 hours comparing these different options before purchase. The set I was listening on, and still use now and then, before I got the P7 was the Sennhesier h650, which is excellent but open-backed, which can be very limiting. Nowadays my brother uses them more often than I. For any of the headphones discussed above I'd say that you'd be doing them an injustice to not use FLAC or similar files. 

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