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read a lot of the forums on Head-Fi but I get a little bit confused with all the techy information because of my lack of knowledge. Here goes please continue to read even if part of it is pointless? Building a new high end liquid cooled computer R4BE Mother Board CPU I7 4960X decided to purchase a new DAC, AMP, 2.1 Speaker System and Headphones.


Use the computer to listen to music and do flight simulation FSX lot of custom aircraft and sound files. At times watch movies. Myself, better half and grandchildren enjoy listening to music as well so the system has long hours of usage on a daily basis. The goal is a rock solid system with very good sound, and a clean looking system. We decided to budget 2,500.00 U.S. plus or minus some for the sound system not including the cost of Headphones. Have enough room for Book Shelf Size speakers.


The system has to be able to run on 110v and 220v 50Hz thru 60Hz. (Both voltages applies) needs auto switch or manual switch.


Like to have a Tube Amp it is my understanding with tubes they should not run more than 8 hours at a time per Wahoo and the salesman at the shop we went to.


Listened to a set of Wahoo Fire Flies and a Meridian 3 Prime between these two I like the Meridian prime 3 Better something missing in the sound not sure how to say it sounded a little high pitched above normal over all sound.


Between the HD 800s and the Audeze LCD2 and the Audeze LCD-XC. Liked the LCD2 better. Considering the Sennhiezer HD600s in case need to increase the budget for the DAC, AMP and speaker system. 


According to Peachtree the tube can run for very long extended periods of time with out damage. Tube is hand made in Russia. System will run on 110v or 220v. 30 day trial period, shipping is free.


Will the LCD2, LCD-XC, HD600s, PC350s work on the below system?


Peachtree 125SE and the D5 Speakers


Is the Peach Tree and speakers a good combination?


Will the  Audeze LCD2 or the LCD-XC work on the 125SE DAC Amp.


Please make recommendations for a DAC/Amp combination or individual DAC & AMP and a speaker system 2.1 book shelf size. Very new and not audio savvy.


Thank You