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I own a pair of sennheiser hd 419 headphones. I found out the best way I could think of to burn-in my headphones is to play techno music loud enough so it won't crackle and pop. I'll burn them in for 100 hours and let you know if it made a difference.

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What I do is hook it up to a receiver, tune into a station and let it play at a loud volume for several days. But honestly my experience regarding "burn-in" varies. On some cheaper phones there seems to be a difference (e.g. Philips downtown). But on better phones I really can't say there is any difference between pre and post burn-in. (W1000x, HD600...). So do it if you feel like, but don't expect miracles.

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Dear Mike,

Can you prove it!? I'd like to weigh the evidence for myself...
Tyll can...

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Should you give your headphones a break between burn in sessions or can you burn in non stop?

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Should you give your headphones a break between burn in sessions or can you burn in non stop?

Some people do, some don't. In the past when I burned in headphones I would let music play on them for a couple hours then let then rest for a half hour and repeat. I am very picky about my headphones though and try to take really good care of them. When I got my first headphones, HD595's, I did let them play all night and it didn't seem to hurt anything.

Anymore when I get a new pair of headphones though I just enjoy them on my head as much as possible and if the sounds improves over time its a bonus. I don't know what to think of burn in anymore, I think a lot of it can be your brain getting used to the sound signature. I recently had this experience with a used pair of DT880's I bought. After listening a lot to the Shure 940's I wasn't sure if I liked the 880's as much because their presentation of sound is different and I had to turn my amp up more to get similar volume levels. Now I can't take them off my head and 940's are being neglected.
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  Since this thread just got revived and was started in 2004, I though I would give my 2 cents on a more modern and easy way to get burn in material. 


  If you have an  ipod or a device with apps. Just search the apps for "burn in". On the ipod a bunch of free apps come up that give you white noise, pink noise, brown noise, frequency sweeps...ect. Free, Fast, Easy. 


  Some of the apps even have a timer and a countdown on them if you want to set it to burn in for a certain amount of time and automatically shut off after x amount of hours.

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Nice, also kinda funny, article about burn-in. http://www.wired.com/2013/11/tnhyui-earphone-burn-in/

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