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Popping and Cracking

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  I figured I would ask this here since *maybe* its computer related. I just built a new computer, using the MSi-Z97 Gaming 7 motherboard.

It has the realtek 1150 chip, with emi shielded isolated PCB for the audio chip, They also boast that with their 'Direct audio power' (basically

plugging a 5V header to the motherboard) that they can drive 600ohm headphones through the headphone port in the back.  


I was listening to the Transistor Soundtrack, when I heard a crackle or a popping sound, so I replayed the track and it happened again,

but not in the same spot. So I sat there, replaying the track and was getting a bunch of popping and cracking. I immediately thought

my HD558's were broken. But I had just got them from amazon, brand new a week ago. So I plugged the headphones into my S4 and

played the same file, that I just transferred from my computer, and got no popping or cracking sounds. I also noticed something else

my S4 seemed to drive them better. So I transferred the same song over to my older Iphone 4s. and still no cracking or popping and

also seemed to drive them better than the S4 and the computer. So I plug it back into the computer but this time I put them into the 

front panel port to see if they pop and crackle from there, and they did. So just for good measure I put them back into the back port

but this time the pop and crackle was gone. So I tried the front port again and it was gone from there too. Also noticed that the front 

panel port seemed to drive the headphones a bit better as well.


  Anyway, sorry for the long and boring post, but any idea's as to why it started popping and cracking in the first place? and by driving

I mean those devices and front panel would play louder, not necessarily better quality. 


  And my testing was playing the first 10 seconds of the sound over about 20 times on each device. When it started happening, it would

happen every time I restarted the track.





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Heya, are you sure the problem is not from a new, cheap PSU giving "dirty" power? I recently had a similar problem when I upgraded my motherboard. I thought it WAS the motherboard, thinking it had something to do with PCI latency. But I ignored the fact that I also changed my PSU as well--it never occurred to me that the problem could be the PSU. I got the cheapest Antec PSU from the nearest Staples (it was an emergency), and it turns out the PSU has no active/passive PFC (power factor correction). What's your power supply?

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The PSU is a brand new Corsair AX860i

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I dont know if I have solved the popping and cracking, but I did solve the amp issue via a motherboard bios update.

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Wow, it's definitely not your PSU. And I just checked your motherboard: it uses two op-amps (OPA1652), but I don't know if it uses both for the front audio out. In my previous ASRock Fatal1ty board (already returned it), there are two op-amps, one is a headphone amplifier and the other a differential amplifier. The headphone amp is connected to the front audio out. I don't remember any audible difference between the front and back outputs (as I was too preoccupied with the static).

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I know the amp is going to the rear connection. I thought it was a connector issue untill it happened in both the front and back port

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I haven't heard the popping and cracking yet today, but it has came and gone before, so I am keeping an eye on it!

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