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For Sale:
Schiit Vali Headphone Amp... Immaculate... Best amp buy for money ever!

Will Ship To: USA

SOLD... Schiit Vali Headphone Amp with wall wart power supply. Immaculate with all original packaging.

I purchased it new from Schiit about 4 months ago. I have never had a feedback problem... not one time! Of course, I never hit it with a steel hammer. Also, I used a heavy counterweight on top, which eliminates cabinet ringing. I highly recommend this combo.

It was an excellent combo with my HE-500 Orthodynamic Headphones and my Etymotic ER4S IEM's. Compared to the Lyr with the HE-500's the sound is forward and not quite as spacious. But, it has excellent definition and transparency. The beauty of the Lyr is tube rolling, which you can't do with the Vali.

My reason for selling is to purchase the new Lyr 2 and HE-500 Headphones.

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