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For Sale:
Etymotic MicroPro ER4S highend IEM's immaculate with all ear pieces

Up for sale... Etymotic ER4S with orginal cable and all new stock ear pieces. Immaculate condition. $199.00.

I have never used any of the ear pieces, as I have custom molded ear pieces. The custom ear pieces are well worth the $125 in sound quality. You can arrange to have them made thru Etymotic and a company they work with.

My only reason for selling these outstanding IEM's is to help me with purchasing the new HiFiMan HE-560 headphones.

These are the very best IEM's I've ever had... outstanding definition and transparency. You do need a good amp... not necessarily a high powered amp, but good quality. I used my Schiit Vali and also straight out of my Oppo 105... which is an outstanding combination.

The 2nd picture shows my custom molded ear pieces.