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For Sale:
Westone ADV alpha Like NEW **without cable see post**

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I got a pair of Westone ADV alpha's because I wanted to use the cloth cable with my Westone W40s (Westone hasn't started selling the cables separately yet).  So long story short: I have a pair of ADV alpha's that need a new home.


I tried the ADVs for less than an hour out of curiosity and found them somewhat bass heavy but still clear sounding.  The bass definitely has a visceral quality to it and suites the intended "active" use Westone had in mind.  Aside from sound I will say that the build quality on these is remarkable... solid piece of metal covered in soft-touch rubber.  Pretty sure these are bombproof.


Everything in the Pics included (earpieces and brand new tip sets - foam and star).  You will need to get a new cable (any MMCX cable).  Shure, Fiio, and many others have various offerings (from $30USD to god knows what...)


Anyway since the cable is missing, I'm asking $60USD $50USD total (fees and shipped cont. US included).  

Will consider any reasonable offers of course.


**Dropped Price**



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