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Hey guys! I'm in the market for a portable amp or a portable dac/amp. Of the two I'm not sure which I should invest in and I thought that you guys with way more knowledge than myself might have the answer I'm looking for.



I want to use it paired up to my windows phone (Nokia Lumia 1020), Asus 701K android tablet and maybe with my PC on occasion.


My biggest gripe with my Nokia AND Asus tablet is the volume output on both devices are just too low for my liking. The Asus tablet especially.


My computer has decent built in sound: Loss-less 24-bit/192KHz HD Audio 109dB SNR

But I use S/PDIF out to my HK 3490 and plug my cans into that.


At the moment I thought I should buy a dac/amp unit but now I'm wondering if that is a mistake and all I should invest in is a portable amp?


What do you think? And thanks in advance!



As for the cans and buds I own and use:



Sennheiser HD595

Harman Kardon Harkar CL

Grado 325is

Sony MDR XB700

Sony Pulse Elite (Headset/mic)





Sennheiser CX-200



I should add that I own a Rotel RDV-1092 cd player that I would be interested in using this amp or dac/amp with just to hear the difference compared to running the Rotel through my HK amp.

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