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DAC as next upgrade?

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I'm building up my system part by part.  Right now I have 3 amps (EF3, LittleDot MkIII, Millett Minimax) and 2 headphones (HE-300, DT-880) and one DAC (Schiit Modi).


Is the Modi DAC now my performance limiter?  Given the existing equipment, what difference should I expect to hear if I upgrade the DAC?



  1. Jump up to a balanced DAC in preparation for a balanced AMP in my future?  Like this
  2. More modest DAC around $250 with opamps?
  3. Or, Modi is good enough and get new headphones?
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I say save up and get some top tier headphones unless there is something you specifically want from one of those DACs.  New cans will make the biggest difference ever time (for better or worse).


Headphones > Amp > DAC


That's typically the order in which you'll see the biggest improvements.

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Yep, I was in this position at one point not long ago, thinking I should focus on amp / DAC / other components, but the answer was most definitely HEADPHONES. The Modi is a very capable DAC and something you can go pretty far on. I'd spend the money on some new cans that are a step up than what you have now. There is certainly no point in getting a balanced DAC at this point.

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