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Hi there!

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Hello to everybody!


This is my first post here, but I've been reading you for a long time. In fact, I thought that I already had an account, but that's not the case.


So well, introduction. I'm a young boy from Spain, studying Industrial Design, and I started to get interest in audio about five years ago. A friend and I started to experiment with our creations, but he prefers speakers, while I prefer to have the sound directly in my ear.


As I told, I'm a student, so my equipment isn't very expensive. I use in-ears every day, so they don't use to last long. That's good news for me and bad for my pocket. I've tried lots of cheap in-ears: Senn CX300, Soundmagic E10, Brainwavz R1 or RedGiant Incus 04 are some of them. 


In my house I use an old Aurex amplifier (I don't even know the model) with my loved AKG K271 mkII. In the past I had an iPod Classic and AKG K518LE that sadly aren't with me now.


I think that's everything, thanks to everybody!

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Welcome aboard...
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