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Hello fellow music lovers,


Had the IE80s for about 2 weeks now. Upgraded from the IE7s. I don't think I'm as sensitive to small differences in sound as some of the other people here and definitely don't have the vocabulary to describe it, all I can say is I like them.

One thing that has given me issues from the beginning though was the bass tuning. The supplied tool didn't really fit: too wide to comfortably fit through the hole of the alum plate and too wide to get into the slit of the screw (just too big overall). I used a knife to carefully remove some of the extra plastic material on the tool and finally managed to turn the screw without problems.


However after experimenting with different settings and now bringing it almost all the way down I get way more bass than before. It sounds like it somehow got *stuck* at the high level. Since the device works by opening a vent I guess it's possible that if the construction isn't top notch then playing with it too much might get out of calibration.


I was curious if anybody else experienced this before and how they solved it. Thanks!