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For Sale: Fiio E17

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For Sale:
Fiio E17

Will Ship To: U.S.

Hey folks. I'm selling my Fiio E17 ... excellent condition, I've had it for almost two years now but I will say that I've used it for like ... less than 40 hours total. It has sat in a drawer more often than naught. I probably shouldn't have bought a full-size amp at the same time. I love the thing, it works great with my HE-400 and my HD-595, but there's a larger purchase I'm eyeing so it's time to sell it.


It seems to be working perfectly. It doesn't hold a charge well ... or rather, it doesn't when it's in a drawer for months. For instance, I get the 15 hours battery life as advertised on a full charge (and it works fine with the charging cable). But if I leave it alone for a few weeks or months, I have to charge it up again.


From what I have read, that is typical, however! I'd still call this thing very good to like new. Also, just about everything in my profile is for sale as well ... outside of the HE-400, HE-300, Miles David Trumpet and the Creative Aurvana Live.


Price is $95 shipped or best offer. Let me know in a PM. Only shipping to the US.

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