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Need Subwoofer For My Laptop Setup

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Hi guys! So I'm looking for a new subwoofer for my laptop setup. My laptop is currently located in the living room so I am definately not looking for a massive sub. My price range is below $200 and I will be pairing the sub with my $80 Creative Gigaworks T20 2.0 speakers. I've added a photo of my setup as a reference for how big the sub should be. Thanks for your time. smily_headphones1.gif
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I'm not sure getting a sub is the best way to go. You're gonna have too much bass and not enough trebble with those speaker to go with it.

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That's a pretty bad idea... for $200 you could just get a cheap 2.1 setup...

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I get what you mean, the sub I have right now sounds a bit boomy as well. But my laptop is mainly for gaming and a bit of movies. I've got the IE80, Momentums and ATH-M50's for music and they're far superior to the speakers I have. I just wanted to have a bit of extra thump with the explosions in my games and movies. This is also why I wanted it to be sub-$200. It would be pointless to get an expensive sub.
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Would a $200 sub be worse than a $200 2.1 system? And could you recommend a few 2.1 systems then? I'm reluctant on changing the Creative T20's as I love the design, but if they're better speakers then please tell me.
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2.1 audio is not ideal for gaming since you can't pinpoint where explosions are occuring.


For $200 you might be able to find decent 2.0 speakers that look like real speakers. (and not pc speakers from the 90's).


Or you could get a home theater setup so you can do 5.1 audio. that's even better for gaming and will get you soemthing you can't have even with headphones.

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So are you suggesting a 2.2 system with stereo subs? Sorry not sure what you're suggesting. tongue.gif And I am well aware that my speakers look puny but would home theatre speakers be able to fit the 30cm clearance of my desk? And regarding a 5.1 system, again doubting that it would fit on my desk. And I also need to clarify the fact that I usually use my speakers when I play non-competitively and just want to enjoy the audio. I usually have the Razer Tiamat 2.2's when I actually want to pinpoint what's happening on the map.
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Checked the link, some great pairs of speakers there but most of them are far bigger than what I can fit on my desk. The Creative T20's and the bigger T40's were mentioned as well but the T40's are too tall. It did say that the T20's lacked bass and for me it is apparent as well and is why I wanted a decent sub to go along with it. If a sub is off the cards, do you know any similar satellite speaker that can produce more bass? Thanks.
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If you are happy with the sound the Gigaworks put out--except for bass--of course you can use a sub with them. As far as having "too much bass" as was previously mentioned, that's what the gain (volume) control on the sub is for. You can turn it down (or up) to integrate with your speakers.

The first thing to figure out is how you would hook the sub up. The problem is that Windows audio does not correctly output 2.1 audio for speakers and a sub. So my guess is that you would need to split the left and right audio channels and run them to both your speakers and a sub.

That all being said, going for a 2.1 multimedia setup still might be your best bet. Have you checked to see if the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 will fit with your setup? They are a very good 2.1 setup.
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Checked the Klipsch speakers and I'm pretty sure that they'll fit, but they do cost around $300 and I don't think that I am willing to pay that much. I use my headphones far more than my speakers.

And what's with Windows not being able to run two channel speakers properly? So if I get 2.0 speakers and then get a separate subwoofer, it would sound worse than a 2.1 system? Thanks for your help.
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Windows can run 2 channels correctly. Windows soundcards do not output 2.1 correctly for hooking up a subwoofer separately to the soundcard.
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Originally Posted by cel4145 View Post

Windows can run 2 channels correctly. Windows soundcards do not output 2.1 correctly for hooking up a subwoofer separately to the soundcard.

Well I am using the FiiO E07K DAC/Amp to connect my speakers and sub. Would that work? I have never had a 2.1 system before, so the difference between 2.1 and 2.0 with sub is that the 2.1 connects the speakers and sub together in one audio jack whereas the 2.0 with sub is connected with 2 audio jacks?
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You're getting lost in technicalities and false assumptions here.


Get a 2.1 powered speakers system and you'll be fine. no need for anything else. everything is in the box including the wires to plug it to your laptop.


You do not need to use a DAC with them.


For example this one:

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Slightly above your budget $229 you might look at this. They are a small speaker and sub setup from Cambridge Audio. I haven't heard it but want to due to the form factor.

[URL] [/URL]

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