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Speaker Hookup Options

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Im a noob here named Danny.

I just upgraded a recently built (12/20/13) pc andI'm looking for the best way to hook up a set of M Audio Studiophile AV40s to an ASUS Xonar Essence ST.

Options are RCA and TRS on the speakers and RCA and SP/DIF Coaxial and Optional TOSLINK combo digital output on the card.

Question is, should I use TRS to RCA or TRS to Coaxial???  Which combo would give me the best sound for my components????


Thank You :atsmile:

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RCA cables will do just fine. (but get decent ones with fairly thick wires and solid plugs)


If you go SP/DIF you'll need an external DAC, and that's overkill for such speakers especially with a nice soundcard like yours.

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These Monoprice Premium RCA cables will work just fine:
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