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First of all, hello.


I am new to the forum and whilst not an audiophile, I am hoping that with so many members and posts here I can find what I am looking for.  My knowledge of different types is limited and whilst I am reading other posts on this forum, as well as general info on headphones, I am only able to use the computer for short periods of time.  The reason for this is detailed below.


Without going into boring detail; I have medical problems stemming from herniated lumbar and cervical discs as well as tendon problems in my arms.  The result is a lot of pain, all the time, not just at the discs, shooting allover the place.  Has been like this for years.  Between my meds and lack of sleep my concentration is very poor so I apologize if this has been answered many times before.  I did have a look.


In order to play either music, hypnotherapy or mindfulness tracks I need a set of headphones which will reduce or eliminate the level of my partners snoring, even when the track being played is quiet.  Some of the tracks are just spoken word with short pauses as well, others have quiet backround tracks which could be described as similar to some of the quieter tracks on Aphex Twin - Ambiet Works 1.  I am not able to blast out some Monster Magnet or something and drown out the snoring.


The headphones also need to not press on the pillow, for in-ear headphones, or if they are the larger "bar over the top" kind, they need to press evenly on my ear and the side of my head.  I do have a good quality memory foam pillow which they should in theory mold into, to a degree.  Neck pain is what most often prevents me from sleeping and having something dig into the side of my head makes it worse if the pain makes me tense up.


I need to be totally relaxed, like the headphones are not even there.


It is not possible for me to lay on my back or on my front to sleep.  Both aggravate the lumbar disc.


Some of the hypnotherapy stuff needs to be played at a low volume all night.


I know I may be chasing a Unicorn here.  I would prefer them to not break the bank, but if there is something which completely fits the bill then a greater expense is possible.  I am not all that fussed about the best sound quality.  My ear can tell when something is cheap and nasty but I am not musically gifted, nor do I have a trained ear to listen for finer details.  In terms of sound quality it needs just be acceptable.


As I say, I am new to this forum and to decent headphones.  If suggesting a type it would be helpful if you could list the brand and full model number such that I can look it up.  I know from other tech forums that people sometimes post abbreviations which most other members will recognize, on here I would not.


In terms of hardware I have an iPod Classic 5th gen.  I also have a PC although it is maybe 25 feet away and through one wall (in the even the headphones were wireless.  I do have a dock for the iPod, a Philips DS3600/05 which has bluetooth although I am not sure how it works and I suspect it may only be from device to dock, not dock to headphones.