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For Sale: Arm1 MP3 player likes new

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$700 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Arm1 MP3 player likes new

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey it is my first time to sell things . If u want I can use eBay to trade. This mp3 is the new version. I bought it in march 2014 . I need money for my lcd3 amp so I sell it . It is perfect condition . U can connect my email I lost the original box. Other things all here in the picture. And still have some songs in it.
Thx u for u seeing. If u feel the price is high u can pm or reply:)
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It is the review and introduction . The all new ARM1 not only boasts a Burr-brown DAC (PCM1794) but also makes use of Texas Instruments for the built in OP-amp (OPA2134) and headphone amplifier (TPA6120A2). I use it with rs1i. They are perfect better than ra1 + rs1i
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