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New here.

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Hi!  New here.  Gear, mostly 70's.  Cans  Kenwood KH 51's, 50 series Pioneers used mostly. 


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Nice, never owned/tried Stax?
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Nope on the  Stax,  most of my stuff was made in the 1970's.  Had a set of Sennhisers but found cord to be of a lesser quality and customer service to be nonexistent.  Will never own a set made by them again.

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Was your bad experience with their customer service awhile ago? I have seen a lot of praise for their support nowadays.

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Bought a new set of cans from them about three years ago.  Three months into ownership and babying same, ( I am the only person to use them) developed an intermittent open condition in cord half the distance from plug and cans.  Made contact with Senheiser arrange repair.Received an address 70 miles from house that would make repairs.  Made contact with repair facility who refused repair.  Said they were not a warranty center.  Juggled back and forth until I took them to the shop and filed them in the scrap bin where they reside to this day.

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Amazing, my first day here and crying like a two year old.  Sorry but I was left with a really bad taste in my mouth for that company.

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Stax made nice stuff in the 70's :P
I suppose you bought one of the lower end sennies, they are indeed infamous for having one channel cut out/ problems with the cord.
Would never recommend the hd202 for anyone, for example..
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Can not remember exact price but more than 200$.  Cannot recall the model number.

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