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A few months ago, I picked up a pair of SRH440s, my first good headphone. I love the sound and the build quality, and the comfort is decent; but I'm a student so carrying them around in the halls and to classes isn't very easy. I don't like on-ear headphones, so I'd like to get some good IEMs. My budget is under $225, preferably around $150. I listen to mostly rock/metal, but also quite a bit of hip hop/rap (though bass isn't too important to me, I'm happy with how my SRH440s sound with rap.) These will be paired with my FiiO X3 (which hasn't arrived yet, I'm using Nokia Lumia 520 and iPod Touch 4g for the moment). I've researched quite a bit but many IEMs I've found have major flaws. I need;


-SQ similar to the SRH440 (Neutral, not too much bass, good mids/treble- so far the RE-400 seems the closest) 

-Worn down, not around the ear (My ears are very sensitive to touch, around the ear IEMs don't sound very comfortable)


-Build quality (I need something to last- the RE-400 seems to be too fragile)

-Isolation (Will be used in quiet classrooms and on the bus)


I likely won't be getting these until later this year, but I'd like to get some ideas now so that I can research and compare. Any suggestions that meet most of these requirements would be great. If there are any IEMs known to be coming out later this year that might meet these requirements, let me know about them too. Thanks!