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The official "hung up on my player" thread ;)

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Well I'd love to say that the X3 and X5 will never hang on their latest firmware but there are still use cases beyond our developers' control and testing that have resulted in the X3 and X5 being less than fully stable in some users' hands. If you are one of those unfortunate users, this is the thread for you.

Pre-requisites for posting in this thread:
-You're on the latest stable firmware for the X3 or X5. (3.0 and 2.0 respectively as of June 2014)
-You've had your player hang up on you either during library updates or music playback.
-Said hang-ups have occurred more than once to an extent that it is affecting your enjoyment of the player and you're beginning to see a pattern to the hang-ups that you can report.

When reporting the hangups, please include as much information as you can, including for example:
-Your best understanding of when such lockups may be triggered (e.g. a particular song, album, player setting, etc.)
-What you have done that seems to help avoid such lockups
-What you have needed to do to recover from said lockups (from the usual reset pin and/or hold power button for 15s to more unconventional recoveries, such as pulling / reconnecting headphones, to extreme measures such as having the battery run flat)
-Brand of SD card used, where it was bought, how it is formatted (FAT32 or otherwise, formatted in-player using latest firmware revision or otherwise)
-Any other info you deem relevant and consider helpful for troubleshooting

Your report of your problem here will help us improve the X3 and X5 firmware to accommodate all use cases to prevent lock-ups in the future! smily_headphones1.gif
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Copied from the main X5 thread...

My X5 is freezing at the last boot sequence PNG when I leave it plugged in and playing overnight. Requires removing TF cards and rebooting. Added a bug to the bugzilla: LINK.
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I had a problem with skipping during playback, but only with 24 bit high resolution files.  Based on advice that I received on this forum I reformatted my 64GB A-Data micro SD cards in the Fiio player; that appears to have solved the problem, but I have a new glitch or problem - I added two albums in flac format in separate albums to one SD card using my Ubuntu linux computer.  When I put the card back into the TF2 slot in the X5 and manually updated the media library, my Fiio then counted up to 5800 files before freezing.  I had to reset the player to recover.  I tried the card in TF1 with the same result.  I checked the card in three different computers and all said the file system was clean with no card errors.  There are only 820 files on the card plus or minus and no hidden files.  Finally I saved my music to a computer, re-formatted the card in the X5 and copied my music back to the card.  Now the media library updates properly and the card  works.  I consider this to be a bug.

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I've already submitted this in bugzilla as bug #174: system freeze when playing songs with certain album art image files




When trying to play a song with an (external or internal) album art file in the PNG format of a rather big filesize (> 1 MiB) the song starts to play for a second or two and then the player freezes. Sometimes the player manages to play the song succesfully but most of the time it freezes. The only help then is the 10-second-power-button-reset method.


You can get such an affected PNG album art file here to reproduce this bug.

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