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Hi all,


I have the Astro Mixamp and I am looking to have it setup with a headphone/headset for my PS3 or PC.


Originally I was going to get the Razer Kraken Pro or Steelseries Siberia V2, but I came across this forum and I see most people suggested getting the headset and mic separately. I am open to suggestions, so what are my options? Budget to be around 60 - 70ish.


I would most likely be using these as my daily headphones as well, so I would prefer to have a detachable cords. Something similar to the ATH-M40x would be great (because it is slightly out of my budget). Any other recommendations?


Thank you




Ok, so I have decided to use the Astro Mixamp that I have and combine it with some decent over ear headphones like the M40x plus a Zalman Microphone. I just have wanted to make sure my setup will work properly with both my PC and PS3.

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