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Rik Mayall is dead!

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I don't know what h meant to folks outside the UK, but following on from the untimely death of Mel Smith, comedy has lost another treasure. Only 56 years old, too.

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That's sad news. Remember him fondly from Bottom.

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Already got the 'Young Ones' box set, but have now ordered series 1-3 of 'Bottom'.

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 i still think The New Statesman was the best thing itv have ever broadcast.

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Watched a couple of episodes of 'Bottom' last night and, if anything, it's even more depraved than I remember! Miss you, Rik.
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American here - but a lover of British humor - and Cornettos...


First saw Mel in Princess Bride - sad day - and WAY too young...

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Talking of Mel, he did the odd bit of straight acting, like in 'Dancing on the Edge', where he was superb, but I'll always remember him as a hairy trucker tucking into a hedgehog sandwich.

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