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Aune T1 Mk2 vs. Mk1

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Seems that Aune released an updated version of the famous T1. The T1 Mk2. 




Did anybody had the pleasure to listen to the new version yet?


What are the sonic differences.


Here is what I could find:

- Tenor chip was replaced with Saviaudio SA 9027

- now asynchronous


Are there any more differences?




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I now received mine (T1 Mk2), it's pretty amazing for the money. Its noise floor is amazingly low. Clarity and definition in the music are very good. I replaced the stock tube with a Gold Lion Genalex and loving it. Headbobbing to music the whole day in the office.




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Do you have the first model to compare or just jumped in?
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Originally Posted by MrEleventy View Post

Do you have the first model to compare or just jumped in?


Just jumped in with Mk2. So far, I am mightily impressed with this DAC/Amp. Very clean, very powerful, nice bass (with Genalex Gold Tube) - pairs well with my T90 and with my Momentum (and that is head scratching....) - really impressed. Super low noise floor. I might be getting rid of some of my gear that accumulated over the years now. ;-)

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There's a reason the Aune T1 has been my mainstay dac for over 2 years now... It's just that darn good. biggrin.gif If you can, find an Amperex Orange Globe. Tames the highs and lows just a tad and pushes forward the mids. It's the Beyer Equalizer. Fixes a lot of ppl's complaint about the DT line, does the same for the T90s. I don't know about abroad, but a used one can be found for about $20.
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When I heard about the updated MK2 I could not think about getting an used earlier model anymore. Just ordered a black MK2 from Audiophonics. Price, simplicity and availability are real hard to beat and the ONE tube rolling option is right up my alley. Yeah!

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They didn't really update much at all. The only difference is going from sync to async. Nothing else. no incentive to upgrade
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Latest is greatest! :tongue_smile:

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Can this thing do 24 bit 192. Amazon has it listed all over their page for the product. But I keep seeing other places saying it can't do it. When I try and play it with the original Aune T1 I get file format not supported. What happens when you play a track with this thing at that rate.


This is the info I seen some place else.

According to the specifications sheet available on Aune's own site (http://pub.hifidiy.net/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=show&catid=189&id=1), it looks like although the internal DAC is capable of processing 24/192 audio, it can only accept input up to 24/96 via USB.

According to this site (http://www.quartzacoustic.com/shop/headphone-amp/aune-t1-24bit-usb-dac-tube-headphone-amp/), it looks like the reason for that is the MK2's reliance on the SA9027 for USB decoding (http://www.saviaudio.com/product.html), which is limited to 32/96, and the PCM1793 DAC (http://www.ti.com/product/pcm1793) which is limited to 24/192.

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It can't for the reasons you've stated. It's limited by the USB chipset. The only difference between MK1 and MK2 is that they went with Async usb. I'd rather buy MK1 since it's cheaper.
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Least I got amazon to change calling it 24 bit 192 kHz device

We have accepted the following suggestion(s). They will appear online within the next two to three business days.

Current value: Aune T1 MK2 (Second Generation) 6922 24bit/192kHz Tube Amplifier Mini Hi-fi USB DAC Decoder Black
Your suggestion: Aune T1 MK2 (Second Generation) 6922 24bit/96kHz Tube Amplifier Mini Hi-fi USB DAC Decoder Black



We appreciate you taking time to submit a correction and helping us keep our catalog accurate for our customers.
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Just ordered mine it's my first DAC/headphone amp it took a week to decide I think I made a good decision I've been into high resolution audio for a few years as well as vinyl and other stuff
I'm running the HD650's so we shall see
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All I know is that I have it hooked up to my computer (USB) and my Oppo (analog) and it sounds excellent with HD650's
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Originally Posted by MrEleventy View Post

They didn't really update much at all. The only difference is going from sync to async. Nothing else. no incentive to upgrade

I concur with you. I have the Mk1 with a British Mulllard 7DJ8 tube and the only change did not make me to get the Mk2. If they make it play 192hz I would have ordered one.

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The differences and improvement is quite obvious. I don't think it's only an upgrade in terms of sync to async. 

The major improvement is on the headphone amp. Headphone amp on T1 MK2 is much stronger than MK1. It sounds so much better with tighter and punchier bass (comparable to Bravo Ocean) which I never expect it from Aune. Driving power is also stronger and able to drive big cans quite well now. Tested with several big cans such as Sennheiser HD600, HD650, AKG K601, Beyerdynamic DT880 and so on. It's now more suitable for pop songs and other music genre. MKI still has its advantage for classical with larger and more backward sound stage. 


I love T1 MK1 but always hoping that it can have a fuller and thicker sound with stronger bass. I have it all in MK2 now. 
MKI with stock tube EH6922 sounds a bit sharp on treble and dry for thinner sound headphone. But with the same stock tube, MK2 no longer having the sharp treble issue which is a big YES to me. 


For sound signature wise, Aune T1 MK 1 has very huge sound stage, clean, refined, thin music body and lesser bass.
MK 2 is a big surprise to me. I would say it's a very successful sound tuning. The sound stage is not as wide as MK 1, but more dimensional. Music position slightly forward, but in return a very pleasant tube-ish sound. It's warmer with very good surrounding, details also improve a lot especially as a pure dac. 

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