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Wanting to upgrade from my Sony XB700's

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Hello everyone,


   I am new to this forum but have been on it several times over the past year.  Everyone seems to be very helpful and kept non constructive criticism to a minimum too :). I am still new in the audiophile world and look forward to learning and being able to experience more.


     About a year ago I purchased my MDR-XB700's.  I wanted something that was comfortable and within my price range at the time. I listen to all sorts of music to include Rock, Techno and Rap. I really enjoy the bass of these headphones but I must say its really loose and not tight at all. I don't get that punch out of these that I want. In the car audio world they seem more like 15's and I want them tight like 10's or even some 12's  


    So now that I have a little more money to spend I was wanting a couple opinions on what I can upgrade to. I still enjoy and want good bass but more importantly I want it to be tight and punch and I also want more full and crisp sound from the highs.  I am an Electronics Tech and I sit at my bench for ten hours a day so I would want something comfortable too but not a huge priority.  There are also a lot of times that I like to really crank up the volume to the point that XB700's distort I certainly don't want that either, I mean I know there is a threshold but im certain its higher than what these can handle.


   I listen to music through my iPhone, I stream music through Pandora and Spotify, the music I have stored on my phone is all 320kbs and lossless audio. I have a Schiit Magni that is also in line and as for price goes I can spend roughly 600$. I hope there is something within that price range that will satisfy me and I figured if I asked the professionals (you guys) then I can easily pin point the right ones to buy.  Thank you all in advanced.

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Rather than me give you advice on headphones I've never tried, check out innerfidelity.  Its wall of fame is usually a good way to start your search.



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Thank you very much. That helped out a lot.   Ill obviously do so more research but out of that list my two favorite are the V-Moda Crossfade M-100  and the Sony MDR-1R.   I would like to see if I cant find a comparison between the MDR-1R and my XB700's just out of curiosity

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Every time I see a promising pair of cans by reading good reviews, I see other reviews shooting them down lol. I guess ill just have to do the whole return policy thing to test out different models.


  I mean im really looking for a good pair that has similar Bass to the xb700 but tighter and with punch with more vibrant mids and good highs. something that doesn't sound muddy when listening to anything else other than rap music.  I just would have figured with a 600$ budget I could find that but it seems to be a little more difficult than expected based off of some reviews ive been reading


   Or I guess I could just keep my XB700's for when I want to listen to rap and then swap out anytime I want to listen to rock or techno.

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Would Anyone recommend the Audio-Technica W1000X for what I am looking for or is there better for 600$ now days?

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The W1000X is not really similar to the XB700. If I were you I would check out the M-100, Momentum, Amperior, MDR-1R or the new V-Moda XS. If you are willing to spend on an open-back headphone, I'd recommend the HE-400.
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Thank you for the reply. I have looked up some reviews on those headphones and the M-100's peaked my interests but based off of some things i've read I wont be getting that much of an upgrade. I would pretty much be trading for the same thing.  I mean I would be just be willing to hold on to my XB700's when i'm in my Rap/HipHop mood and get something else  when I want to listen to other things.


I am a pretty versatile music listener, I love classical music and vocal like Loreena Mckennitt (Celtic Singer) all the way to techno like Dubstep to Enigma then on to 70's Rock and The Beatles then jump to Harder Rock such as System of a Down, disturbed, The Browning, Chevelle and Volbeat. 


Im all over the place with the Music that I listen to on a daily basis so it seems really hard for me to find that one pair of headphones in or around my 600$ price range. Again I do have a Schiit Mangi and a 9 band EQ inline. I could care less about portability clearly or I wouldn't have the XB700's.


I guess I Just figured with the good things i've read about the W1000X(and some others in that higher price range) as far as sound signature goes (being closed back) that I would be able to adjust some of the lower frequencies when I wanted to since its got a 50mm driver and still be satisfied.


I am still really new to this so I don't mean to sound so sporadic I am trying to take it all in and be as knowledgeable as I can be.


Thanks for the responses they are helping, tried to be a little more descriptive this time :)

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