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I'm tired of iems, they sound too in my ear (limited soundstage?). (i'm not an audiophile so bear with me sry)

i want something that sound more spacious with good vocal, clarity, instrument separation, and a warm sound. i'm very picky and don't like any headphone that has sibilance.

I'm also concern about build quality but both seems to be sturdy and tough for portable. (does CAL!2 has replacement cables like the review i mentioned below says? i know m40x has)


CAL!2 and m40x are what i can afford, nothing more expensive.


I heard the CAL!2 at the Singapore PC show 2014 and was unimpressed (i still can hear outside noise). It sounds like blasting music in my ear and too soft on my xperia sp. (I plan on buying a cheap dac-amp combo if my budget allows.) But then pc show is very noisy so ya i cant test them properly. From a review I see that the stock wire of CAL!2 is quite bad and replacement wire (HD558's wire) changed everything so isit true?


I have not heard m40x but from reviews it seem to be very good. So which do you think is better?

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