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For Sale: Silvaweld OLT Tube Reference 100

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$3,300 (USD) or Best Offer
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Silvaweld OLT Tube Reference 100

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Once again another over-engineered beast from Silvaweld. It uses quad 6c33 tubes, 3x 7119, 6u8a per channel, outputting 120w (16ohm) 100w (8ohm) of glorious single ended push pull sound in OTL-OCL mode. 
The record of this amplifier is scarce, since the production was so limited. But from what I've been able to audition, it has the most powerful, euphoric sound of any amplifier that I've had the pleasure of coming across. 
Large contributing factor to this amazing sound would be the absence of transformer or capacitor in the output, (output transformer less, output cap-less)  which I understand to be the most innovative and difficult method to achieve. The result is a direct connection to the speaker straight from the tubes without any alteration to the sound beside what the magic of vacuum and electrons in the tubes can provide.
This was the most powerful amplifier Silvaweld had ever produced and nothing else like it will be made again. 
All tubes are high tier NOS. Amplifiers are in pristine, almost mint condition. 
The mono-blocks weight 25kg each, will ship from Seoul, Korea in a double box+ crate packaging. 



edit: here's the only official english documantation I have been able to find on the amplifier. (scroll down to the bottom 3rd)

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For Sale: $5,300 (USD)
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ttt... $2900. final price.

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